Go Electric to Increase Productivity and Save Time

best pencil sharpenerWhether you’re a teacher, a contractor or an office administrator, spending those few extra bucks to switch to an electric pencil sharpener can increase the productivity of both you and your pupils or employees. While the initial cost may come off as less than optimal, your new electric model will likely pay for itself quite quickly through time saved in the classroom or on the job. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not the increased productivity is worth making the switch, or whether or not a small electric pencil sharpener will actually noticeably increase productivity or save time at all, here are a few reasons why making the switch can pay off in the end.

Sharpening Pencils Takes Less Time

This is the most highly advertised advantage of making the switch to electric, and for good reason. People just can’t sharpen pencils as fast as electric pencil sharpeners can. While saving a minute here and there doesn’t seem like a huge deal, in can translate to hours (even days) saved in the long run when totaled among all of your workers or students.

Emptying Your Shaving Tray Takes Less Time

The shaving trays built into electric models, like the ImiKas Electric Sharpener, tend to be much larger than that of manual models, most likely due to the large size of the sharpener itself. This means you’ll need to empty it less frequently. Once again, you won’t save a tonne of time at once, though it can add up to something a little more significant in the long run, especially when coupled with the other means by which electric models save you time.

You’ll Never Lose It

For the majority of us who have used standard manual pencil sharpeners, I think we can all say we’ve lost our sharpener at some point or another. Electric pencil sharpeners are both large and heavy, taking up space on a table and remaining impossible to accidentally throw in your pocket, only to stumble upon it a week later after looking for it everywhere.

You Can Choose Your Sharpness

Before going any further, I’ll mention that only some electric pencil sharpeners come with this feature. At any rate, sharpeners which have different settings, allowing you to choose just how sharp your pencil will be, will mean less fidgeting with your sharpener to get that perfect point.

Your Graphite Will Be Less Likely to Break

Once again reducing the occurrence of fidgeting with one’s sharpener, the vast majority of electric models come with an ability to sense when your pencil is fully sharpened. This means you won’t have to keep going back to sharpen it after the tip of the graphite breaks off, just to have it break off another few times.

While it may set you back thirty of forty dollars for an office or school-worthy model, the cost of an electric pencil sharpener can easily be outweighed by its potential time-saving measures. Check out sites like sharperthepoint.com for reviews.